Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Old Springboro, Hometown in my younger years

Here are some historic sites from my hometown. It really is a beautiful village. Yes it was to small to be called a town when I lived there. Now you can find so much more about many places at http://www.hmdb.org/ Its the Historical Marker Database...have fun!Town Hall, Jail and Fire Station

Odd Fellows Hall

Tommy Miller House

Harry Pence House

Warner Bateman House, this was also one of my friends home.

Jeremiah Stansel House

Jack Decker House

Joseph Stanton House

M. & J. Wright General Merchandise

Jonah Thomas Shop

Edward Potts House
John Potts House

Clark Williams House

The Lyceum
Inscription. The fraternal order of the Knights of Pythias was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1864 as an organization dedicated to healing the wounds and hatred of the Civil War. The members of the local Springboro Lodge No. 574 built this meeting hall with a large upstairs room which was used for plays, Lyceum courses, church services, and graduation ceremonies for over 90 years
Springboro Area Underground Railroad
Yes This is in Ohio!
"Squatter's House"
Historic Marker

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  1. My wife grew up in a little mountain community that has almost ceased to exist as the older generation dies off. The lead and zinc mines closed in the late 60s and that was the end of the jobs so the younger generations moved away to where the work is. It's a shame; this close knit community, once rooted in stone is withering away.


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