Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Day Well Spent....

Today was a perfect fall day, you know when temperature is just right with a refreshing breeze! I enjoy being outside in the fall. Well Adventurous Brat and I decided to pick grapes today. So to the vineyard we went! We had so much fun laughing and sharing stories. That's what mother, daughter days are all about! We were so caught up in our good time that we picked 56lbs. of grapes. Yes I said 56lbs! those buckets were so heavy, I thought my arms would break off. Oh well we are going to be making wine together....this was a day well spent with my brat!...Yikes I
gotta work on my arms!
just a little windblown here!


  1. thats ALOT of grapes....oh and wine...mmmmmmmm
    and you crack me up..when I see pics of myself Im always such a big critic...Id notice my arms in a pic and think the same thing..and yet when I looked at your pic I didnt see anything wrong with your arms.

  2. Are you making your own wine?

  3. Sounds like so much fun!


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