Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What About Me Wednesday?

Obsessions.. We all have them right? Well I most certainly do. I love Wine and Cheese. I love making my own wine. As far as cheese I put it on everything! There is a cheese farm close to my home. Sweetwater Valley Cheese Farm, they make cheese with no preservatives. You can watch them make it, I think they have about 1800 cows on the farm. Its a nice trip to visit and the best tasting cheese. The farm has been in their family for 5 generations. I probably go there three times a month.

Sweetwater Valley Cheese Farm

My other obsession is cemeteries. Now don't let me scare you away. I like walking the grounds of beautiful quite cemeteries. The ones with old big monuments. The stones that tell you a story or make you think wow. The video below is a beautiful cemetery. a peaceful place. There are some famous people buried at woodland, my father is also buried there. Not only will you see the headstones of some of the famous buried there but you may notice the angel from an earlier post of mine. Those are my obsessions


  1. You have an award for me for what? I didn't do anything! :)

    I can not believe you know how to make your own wine! That is awesome. I love wine!

  2. OK I tried leaving a comment a little bit ago and there was some kind of issue so if it ends up showing 3 comments by me Im sorry....anyway sooooo does this mean I will be getting some wine for Christmas??? hehe and some cheese cuz I love cheese on everything too!!!!!!!! And I have to tell you my 11 year old son likes taking pics of old headstones he thinks they look cool....thanks for the are too sweet...and thanks for playing along with my daily theme!!

  3. I love to read tombstones. There are some really interesting ones.

  4. Sweeywater Valley looks serene and lovely.


  5. Hi sweetie..good to stumble on you here. I came via Stephen's blogspot, the Painting Studio. You and I know one another on Spaces where I am "Rambling On". The name you see here is my cat's blog.
    You would love an old cemetery in Knoxville where Civil War dead are, as well as dignitaries from the city and surroundings.
    Good to see you. I knew you from your avatar. :-)

  6. Thanks for the award, Christine! I appreciate it. I like cemeteries, too, although I wouldn't say I am obsessed with them. I find them to be very peaceful.

    I am obsessed with books. And chocolate soy milk. And peanut M&Ms. And chocolate soy milk poured over chocolate ice cream. Yum. There is a definite chocolate theme here.

  7. sorry I don't do cemetaries lol! I'm chicken! This is Tee following from the MBC! Swing
    by my blog and follow and comment Please!
    You can find me here:

  8. you make your own wine, and you love cheese?! I think you're my soulmate. : )

    btw, I love walking in old cemetaries, there is one in Rochester, NY that is absolutely beautiful.

  9. What I wouldn't give for some awesome cheese and wine!! I get terrible migraines, most cheeses and red wines are big no-no's for me. I miss them :(


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