Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Is This Women?

Ok if you read this last night you will know, I made changes to it. (Changes..yep) I just felt I really opened the can of worms...I don't have a good relationship with my mother....Here is the writing Assignment this week from Moma Kat
Its all about your mom. The prompts I chose was "tell us the story of your birth and how I got my name". My mother is a simply a classy lady, the princess, the drama queen, self-centered. No! No! I didn't mean to say that! I'm sorry mom I'am...please don't hate me. But she is! If this beautiful lady was in process of telling me a story and just say for some hair caught fire! I would have to seek water (HELP); while all along she would follow me to the sink still telling her story. She would! So here it goes..The story of my birth. This is a true story. I was switched at birth well sorta of. Yes I'm telling the truth. It was always the funny story that my family told ha ha. See when I was born the doctors just knocked those women out..yep they felt no pain just got knocked out and woke up to a sweet baby! Those were the days.. Well mom woke up after my birth ready to receive her first born child. The nurses brought her a baby bearing my surname. Not me, but an African American baby. My mother changed this little babes diaper and cuddled that sweet baby. All along she believing something was not right chose to not say a word. Anyhow let's make this short. The African American mother knew I was not hers! True story honestly..there is an African American female about my age, somewhere telling the same story. How I got my name. Thank God for grandfathers..My mom had picked out the lovey name Geraldine Paulette...yeah yeah I know awful. Just what was she thinking?. I'm sorry for anyone bearing that name... My paternal grandpa came to the hospital with roses, chocolate and a teddy bear. Grandpa simply said "I like the name Christine" Oh he couldn't even bear having a granddaughter with that name! Thank you Thank you!, Mom just couldn't disappoint her new father-in-law.


  1. Morning Christine or should that be Geraldine Paulette ;))
    I get the feeling you held back a lot from this piece, the emotion is just starting to come through, but you deflect in a similar fashion to myself... you use humour to mask the pain you still feel.

    Someone once told me that not all women should become mothers and sometimes the ones who make the best moms are to be found in friends and aunts and so forth.

    Who knows maybe the person you are today who is loved by family and friends alike would not have been so well loved had you stayed with your mom, because had you stayed with her who knows you may have ended up like her or unable to form loving relationships in the same capacity.
    one thing is clear .. your mom gave you a clear imprint of how you didn't want your life to be, and sometimes that is the hardest of lessons to undertake in the teaching of and even to learn.
    I have many friends who have similar stories .. of bittersweet relationships with their mothers and to be fair most women worth their salt find their best sparring partner in their moms... and if they are lucky they eventually get to release the pain from the child within. most of my life as a child i thought... fully believed i was adopted, as soon as I was of an age I used to search the house for adoption papers, i never felt like i belonged there, again another common scenario with quite a few friends of mine... but the truth is i wasn't adopted and the relationship i had with my mother was strained to say the least... it didn't alter the fact we loved/love one another, not that i heard her say it ... lol i've long held with the idea that all parents screw their kids up one way or another, its not intentional... its just the way we are wired as people... we make mistakes, and we aren't suited to living with everyone we at times have to when you consider families in general.
    I'm gonna shut up... my response is as long as your blog... lol
    have a great weekend :))
    love n hugs

  2. I'm glad the other mother knew something was wrong and spoke up. How that mistake could have been made considering the obvious skin tone difference is odd, but oh well. I pray your heart be made whole from the different things you've experienced through your life even from birth, and that you never feel rejected or abandoned in any way. You are great and have a wonderful purpose for your life that will affect many others. Hugs! :O)

  3. I am shocked that your mother didn't say anything while cuddling a baby that she knew wasn't hers. My mother-in-law is like that. She is very selfish and talks about herself and her problems all the time. It is endless. It drives my husband and his sister crazy. She wasn't a very good mother - she forgot to pick them up from school and after-school activities all the time, so my husband grew up with abandonment issues. He was left alone, outside of his school several times and even had to walk home from school in the rain, not arriving home until after dark.

  4. What a story! So glad you ended up with the name Christine :)

  5. What an incredible story that is. I had to read it twice to get it all.


  6. I am so glad I happened onto this. You won't know I was here likely but I loved the telling of this part of your life story.

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