Monday, October 19, 2009

Yes They Are Brats!!!

Ok some of you have asked Why do you call your kids BRATS? Well that's simply because they are. I do use the term as an endearment. My brats are really good kids... now I do mean that. I really haven't had alot of problems with my kids (big breath...cross my fingers..knock on wood) I have always been asked how do you make them behave? Or have heard your children are so well behaved. For the most part they are. Now they are not angle's...Busy Brat had a campfire going in the middle of the basement once, I woke up at some awful hour to the sound of my fire alarm screaming and a house for of smoke! I would say he's a brat! Boss Brat once started a petition at school to start a drill team, she got alot of signatures and I got many calls from the school about how they couldn't fit this into their budget, and she would have to stop. (Well you try to stop her)Yep She's a brat! Adventurous Brat swore she told me about an invite of a sleep over at a new friends house after school. (she did not!) I couldn't find her; back then you had to wait 24 hours to file a missing person report. In the morning the police arrived to inform me a young girl had passed away last night from crossing I-75 on foot. I went to the morgue..that was awful. My Brat was gone all weekend and nobody claimed that girl in the morgue for almost a week. I did alot of second guessing of my visit to the morgue; I even made Tarzan go back to the morgue. Oh she's a BRAT! Now Executive Brat is much younger than his siblings and I promise you he is a spoiled brat


  1. I love this post..I have three boys and I would have to say my boys are pretty darn good too!!! They arent perfect and just as your post pointed out they have each had their moments where I wanted to just beat them and lock them in their room til they were 30 (but thats not legal) hehe and Ive had many along the way comment on how great my kids are and honestly that makes me feel REALLY good!!! As Im sure it does you too!! All in all I would have to say we are lucky to have the "brats" we have because if you turn on tv or read the paper at all, it makes you say a thank you prayer for what God gave us and the job we have done with have very good looking kiddos by the way!!

  2. Kids, when we get mad and say we hate our kids, we're lying, we still love them! Also I love you saying "Dream Tomorrow, Live today". The best advice.

  3. Christine..
    Can you link it to this one. Sooner or later I am going to close down the other one totally.

    Loved your pictures today.


  4. It was very nice of you visiting and following my blog. Thank you and I hope to see you again. Have a great week.

  5. Kids, angels? The two words are not related! (LOL!!) Thanks for the follow.

  6. Oh my goodness, I bet you were beside yourself with stress and worry over having to go to the morgue! How awful! Kids can be brats, but we can be too! ha!


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