Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mourning, Grief and Emotional Support

Have you ever read the poem in the upper right corner? I do believe in helping others when they need it. So yesterday I was talking to one of my followers, who is hurting from the loss of her child. My heart goes out to her and her family. I told her about the Find A Grave website. Many of you have lost a loved one and know the weight your heart bares. I too have felt that grief, that wouldn't go away. Yes it does get easier as time goes by; but it never goes away. When my father died, I was devastated see I was a Daddy's Girl. Now I must tell you about Find A Grave. Find A Grave website really helped me heal from the loss of my father. On the website, there are groups of people that have lost a loved one too. Through words, tokens, messages, and support of its members I'm thankful. There are people that add memorials from obituary's everyday. You may just find someone you know on that site. For those of you that are aware of Find A Grave or are a member please visit my father I would love to post the memorial link for my followers child, for you to visit as well. However that is her family and her business.


  1. Love the quote in the upper corner. Interesting website. :O)

  2. What a wonderful website! I imagine that writing about all of the great qualities of a person can help in the grieving process.

    It so sad to hear of a parent losing a child (whether that child is young or into adulthood). I remember the day that my uncle passed away. He was in his 30's, a merchant marine on the Marine Electric, which sunk on February 12, 1983. I remember how my grandmother wailed and wailed. My sister and I were downstairs with our father while my grandparents dealt with the shocking news. No matter what the circumstances, loss of a loved one is SO amazingly difficult. Thanks for posting this site! I may just have to set up a memorial for my grandfather, grandmother and 2 uncles!

  3. I ahve not heard of that website and it is so very interesting. When we loose someone close to us, one can not explain to another just how that loss affects us. It is so different for each and every person. The website gives a form of closure with people who have experienced similar situations.

    My heart goes out to your follower loosing her child. We lost ours 28 years ago on Saturday and it is still fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. Yes, time heals the heart, but it never forgets. My heart goes out to her for her heeling and perhaps the understanding that will eventually come in time.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I thoroughly have enjoyed getting to know you and all your "brats" in the sidebar!! I'll be back (not a terrible threat ;)

  4. Interesting website, never heard of it before. Sorry for the loss of your father, losing a family member is NEVER easy! I can't imagine the death of a child, the thought makes me sick, so sad!

  5. My dear friend..I missed this post. I knew you were ill and I let that keep me from visiting as often.
    I have lost both of my parents a long time ago..they were too young to leave me and my brothers.

    I will go to the site and to your father too, Christine.

    Love and hugs and thank you for the visit over on my Live Spaces too.

  6. You're in my prayers.

  7. Again, thank you so much Christine....
    I hope you are feeling better. I didn't realize you were ill.
    I stayed away from "Find A Grave" for so long because of the name. I think I told you that I don't like the word "GRAVE" before. But I am glad that I have taken a closer look at it now. I still hate that word, but I'm glad to be meeting others who are so caring.
    It wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you.

  8. Wow I didnt know about that site..its a really awesome thing that you shared this with your follower and with all of us. Ive had my own losses that have been hard for me and this is just really awesome. (hugz) to you

  9. Thank you for telling us about that site. I'm sorry for your loss. I miss my Dad too.

  10. I just found the ladies site that you are talking about. It is an incredibly sad tragedy!! My heart is with her. I am sorry for your loss of your father as well. I am a daddy's girl too.


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