Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Long Meandering Road

Tarzan absolutely does not get directions or important facts. A trait very typical of most men. There have been many times, Tarzan and I went somewhere new. As usual I will ask "Do you know how to get there?" "Do you know where we are going?" (important fact here)He will never admit we are lost or that he wasn't sure exactly just where we are suppose to be. This time his latest adventurous stunt has left me annoyed and feeling awkward.
Tarzan came home from work with sad news that one of his co-workers wife passed away. He informed me the viewing and funeral are tonight. Tarzan would like for us to attend. Of course we will attend; I do not know his co-worker and Tarzan...well he doesn't know his co worker very well. When we arrive at the very crowded funeral home. Tarzan asked me to sign the guest registry for us. I signed the registry and picked up the memory card. The parlor was crowded. many people were gathered around the woman laying in the casket. Tarzan and I made our way through the crowd smiling and shaking hands. Then Tarzan whispered "I don't recognise anyone" I asked him "You don't see any of your co-workers?" "No" he answered. I looked at the memory card and asked him "Tarzan what's his wife's name?" "I don't know" was his response. "well what is your co-workers last name?" I asked. "I cant remember" he whispered to me. At that point I marched out to the hall with Tarzan in tow. Once we were in the hall; Tarzan insisted we must find the funeral director. The director will give us the name of Mrs Body's husband. There we stood in the funeral directors office, explaining...no we don't know their names and maybe we are not at the right funeral home. The man told us he was just the assistant and doesn't have the information we seek. The man also informed us that the funeral director will arrive shortly and that down the corridor is another funeral (both deceased are women). He suggested we wander down there and would probably recognise someone. Oh but before we left the office Tarzan had to ask "Do you know if one of the women died of cancer?"....Oh please tell me this is just a dream and not really happening...

So we proceed down the corridor to the next funeral. Where a man thanked us for coming and suggested us to sign the guest registry. Once again I signed MR & MRS TARZAN HAVE ARRIVED and pick up a memory card! Tarzan and I walked around smiling and shaking hands. As I prey oh please nobody ask us a question; cause Tarzan will never admit we are lost and dear God I don't know what he would say! I looked at Tarzan and asked "do you see anyone?"
"no...just let me look"
"I don't see anyone...maybe we should go back to the first one" he said
"ok lets go" was my annoyed reply. Yes we walked back to the first funeral. Tarzan looked around, while i stood there holding two memory cards in my hand. I guess he didn't recognise anyone; because Tarzan suggested we return to the second funeral. So we did. we soon left, knowing we went to the wrong funeral.


  1. Sorry to laugh at your expense but that is a really funny story. I'm sure, in his defense, that neither of deceased women minded terribly much. And even the family, I'm sure, was glad to see a couple more people who shared in their grief.

  2. Oh my!! The look on your face!! I'm sorry but this post is hilarious!

  3. NO WAY!!! Oh that is so funny!


  4. Woah! I know it's wrong, but this is just too funny! I know I've had similar situations with my husband.

  5. This is a classic! You will certainly laugh about this as time moves on-maybe not now.

  6. That is pretty funny...even though it's not at the time!

  7. oh geeeze...I'll admit that I laughed, but if it was me I'd be pissed!

    I'm following from MBC FFF :)

    Jenny :)


  8. I didnt realize how funny this is. I know that I will never forget it! Just so you know..this is not the first time something like this has happened....Tarzan took me to the wrong party once; where we didnt know anyone.

  9. OMG! You could have gone to the White House and very honestly said you thought you were at the right XYZ event :-).

  10. Well, ok, I don't plan on showing up at my own funeral.

  11. Very sad...but kinda funny!

    New follower from MBC! Love for you to come visit me!

    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

  12. That's really funny. I know it wasn't at the time. We've done that before too! That's what happens when I leave my hubbie in charge. HAHA!

    New follower from MBC - come and visit me!


  13. omg, that's like something out of an SNL skit...too funny!

  14. Oh my goodness! That's CRAZY! I'm your newest follower by way of MBC!

  15. soooo funny! that's something you'll always remember and laugh about...as soon as you aren't upset with him anymore. :-)

    stopping by from mbc


  16. Oh, it's so sad! LOL! But it made for a terrific story!

    Thanks for the follow- I am now returning the favor!

  17. I'm sorry, but I have to agree with the other comments... I know it probably drove you crazy, but your story is hysterical. I'm so glad you stopped by my site because it gave me a chance to visit you back and discover your wonderful blog! So, I guess I'm your newest MBC follower...and I'm really glad to meet you!
    Thanks again,
    Stefanie http://pediatricsafety.net

  18. Love it! That's an absolutely hilarious story...following you from MBC! Stop by if you like & check out my blog!

  19. I am always up for a good laugh, but an awkward situation good laugh...and I am in like Flynn (who is Flynn anyways?)
    I laughed at your expense and if I had seen this in person...yup, I would have pointed and laughed!

    Thanks for sharing this story!
    Following you from MBC

  20. LOL - sorry, but it is a great story! That happened to my brother once - he went to a friend's wedding reception and didn't recognize anyone. So he grabbed a drink and went to congratulate his friend and bride and realized, oops - wrong reception :) His friends was actually down the hall!

    I'm a new follower - found you through FFF on MBC :)

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