Friday, July 1, 2011


This is a photo of the tornado forming, that touched down on my road in April. The tornado destroyed many homes. My place was not touched, I had someones roof and insulation in my yard. The tornado lifted off the ground about 3 houses down from mine.

This is a photo right in front of my house where you can see the tornado has lifted.


  1. Hi Christine & thanks for stopping by. Glad you didn't get any damage from the storm. I'll check back with you again soon.

  2. Glad to hear you nade it through unscathed. Spending several years in North Texas and Central Arkansas I know how powerful and terrifying twisters are. It felt all wrong when reports of tornadoes touching down back home started making the news but the last thing I expected was the twisters touching down a few mile north and south of us up here in the mountain, virtually wiping out 2 towns. Then FEMA tells the victims they won't be providing any assistance because there wasn't enough damage! Over 300 homes were destroyed. how much more damaged can you get?

  3. Glad you were safe and not hit by that massive tornado. Very scary stuff.

  4. We experienced a tornado like this that went down our street. It skipped out house but devastated much of our town. Sounded like a freight train! Glad you came out ok!


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